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Keep It Simple and Slick With Plain Black No-Tie Shoelaces

Some people like for their footwear to look simple and slick, and this is especially prominent in more advanced job positions, such as law enforcement and corporate agents. But no matter what job or event you have, these all black shoelaces are a simple, sophisticated choice. Turn your shoes into comfortable slip-ons for every activity with our elastic laces! Boasting a flat appearance, these laces are made out of high-quality, durable material that is sure to withstand the test of time. With quality products from Xpand® you can trust that these laces will be durable and fashionable for both casual and formal footwear. 

Keep Looking Ahead All Day Long

Black is THE classic color! Need to update some old kicks? Just bought some new shoes and want to chuck the generic laces they came with? Try our black elastic shoelaces to give your footwear the sick look you've been dreaming of!  Our 100% polyester laces are manufactured by the same company that supplies/supplied laces for Nike, Reebok, Vans, and many other top shoe brands!

We also found the deepest, most vibrant, and unique dye colors to give all our laces the hottest look possible. You get great looking, quality no-tie shoelaces for an amazing price! You'll love never having to tie your shoes again with our zero-memory laces. 

From Street to Studio

Faster. Cooler. You'll be going from street to studio and back again without the hassle of tying bows and knots. Create the perfect fit for your favorite shoes! Xpand® laces work great with any shoe, including casual, athletic, and kids shoes. With each elastic lacing system you'll get all the accessories needed to lace your shoes in Visible or Stealth Mode, just check out our installation page to see how easy it really is!

Your Feet Will Thank You!

And if they don't, buying our shoelaces is risk-free. If our laces don't meet your expectations, get your money back. 

Never Tie Again

Shop all our collections to view our bold, neutral, and reflective colors! Change the way you tie today.


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