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Lace Up Your Shoes for the Beach, Hikes, and More!

Slipping on your favorite pair of shoes for any activity has never been easier. Our ground breaking zero-memory flex technology allows you to create slip-ons that will stay the perfect fit mile after mile. Heading to the beach in your favorite sneakers? Add some sandy brown laces. Going for a hike in rocky terrain? Our sand elastic shoelaces will be an upgrade to your hiking boots!

Nothing to Worry About

At Xpand®, we are all about making things better, faster, and more efficient. That's why we include everything you need in your pack of Xpand® laces to install. Installing is simple and painless, especially when you follow along with our installation page. Did you know that we spend about 150 hours tying our shoes? Ridiculous! Worry less about bows, knots, and enjoy what you love to do more! 

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Be sure to check out our other neutral colors, too! Xpand® makes all of our products with top-notch quality materials, but if you aren't satisfied just contact us for a refund. 

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