Neon Orange Reflective - One Size fits all


Neon Orange

Shoes That Shine Bright with Neon Orange Reflective Laces

After the sun goes down, continue to see rays of light with your neon orange reflective elastic shoelaces! Super easy to install and one-size-fits-all, Xpand® uses revolutionary zero-memory flex technology to turn your lace-up shoes into slip-ons. The Xpand® lacing system is a breeze to install and adjust when needed, so you'll always have a custom fit, comfortable slip-on shoe. Hiking up a mountain to catch the sunset? Running on the beach to watch the sunrise? No matter the lighting, stay visible and safer with our reflective laces! Perfect for kids and adults, these laces are a match for every shoe!

No Extras Needed

When you buy a pair of Xpand® laces, all of the shoe accessories you need to install them are included. You get a pair of elastic laces, four lace anchors, and four end clips! You can even create almost all of the designs we have on our site using just the hardware it comes with! Check out how easy and simple the Xpand® lacing system is to install on our installation pages, and also check out the many designs we have, from complicated and fun designs, to classic and simple such as traditional lacing or bar lacing. 

What Are You Waiting For?

Shopping Xpand® is easy and risk-free. If you aren't satisfied with your elastic laces, returns are easy with our 100% money back guarantee. Our reflective collection is available in tons of fun colors, but be sure to check out our other collections too!

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