Neon Pink Reflective - One Size fits all


Neon Pink

Dazzle Everyone with Reflective Neon Pink Shoelaces

Streamlined, strong, and simple, the Xpand® elastic lacing system will keep you cool, calm, and collected while you rush to put on your shoes. Slip on any of your shoes with our system installed, and never tie again!

Stay Protected

Going for a walk under the moonlight? Losing daylight on your bike ride? Our reflective elastic laces will keep you safer while you finish your workout. Use our reflective laces for leisurely activities, athletic endeavors, or casual wear! You get everything you need to install our lacing system, and we have simple video tutorials on our site to help you get started. If you want to spice up your shoes we even have video tutorials on a wide range of shoelace designs!

Xpand® is Easy

At Xpand®, we're all about ease. We offer a 100% money back guarantee so you can shop without worry. Feel free to contact us! 

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