White Reflective - One Size fits all



The Best You Can Do For Your Shoes

Want to add a subtle sparkle to your new shoes? Looking for a way to enjoy runs that go into the night? Want to be seen on the city streets on your walk home from work? Add a pair of our white reflective elastic laces. Xpand® turns your shoes into comfy slip-ons that you'll never have to tie again! Perfect for athletic or casual wear, you can't go wrong with white reflective laces.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Installing your elastic lacing system is a breeze. Check out our how to install page to see yourself! Want to add even more to your shoe? We have tons of design tutorials, and you can recreate almost all of them with just the hardware that comes with your laces... no extra accessories needed! If you don't want to add a design, you can still choose to either go Stealth or go Visible, all the accessories you need are included in your order!


Xpand® makes everyone's life easier. Whether you are a parent who is tired of tying your kids shoes again and again, or an athlete who is tired of adjusting and messing with bows and knots, our laces are sure to be an upgrade to your shoe! Kid-approved and one-size-fits-all means Xpand® can replace any laces in your lace-up shoes, even boots and children's sneakers! Our high quality laces use revolutionary zero-memory flex technology, while staying sturdy and strong! So if you get them a little muddy, just toss them in the wash and air dry!

Xpand® today!

Give our laces a try and order today! You'll never want to go back to tying bows and knots. But, if you do, just contact us for a refund! Order today!

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