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Lemon Lime

Live Life the Bright Way With Lemon Lime Laces

You never really know where life is going to take you. One day you might be working in the 34th floor of a corporate office building and the next day you could be flying to Colorado for a leisurely vacation. No matter where you find yourself, you need to have a comfortable, stylish pair of shoes — and more importantly, they need to be laced with quality laces, such as our lemon lime elastic shoelaces. Turn any pair of your lace up shoes into slip-ons with Xpand® lacing system. Your shoes will thank you for making them more comfortable, stylish, and fitted perfectly to your foot no matter the activity!

Each pack of lemon lime Xpand® laces will come complete with everything you need to install them into your shoes. Best of all, it's quick and painless! Just check out our how to install section to see for yourself! You can even lace up cool designs such as a bar style lacing designs and many more! Don't forget shopping Xpand® is risk-free, so if they don't meet your expectations just contact us.

Invest in Quality Elastic Laces

When you hear the word 'lemon' what comes to mind? Lemonade? Margaritas? Something sour? Horrible automobiles? When we hear 'lemon' we think AWESOME COLOR! That's exactly what our lemon lime no-tie shoelaces bring to the table! These elastic laces have such a stimulating yellow shade you'll want to put them in your mouth. They will have every happy yellow feelings you've ever experienced come rushing right at you. Sunshine, summer, and a feeling of refreshment will wash right over your Nikes, Adidas, New Balance, or Converse kicks. 

When you purchase a pair of Xpand® shoelaces you are getting some of the highest quality laces that exist in the market today.  Xpand® shoelaces are manufactured by the same company that supplies shoelaces for many of the largest shoe companies out there (Nike, Adidas, Converse).  These bad boys are comprised of 100% polyester fibers making them durable, washable, and able hold gorgeous, vibrant colored dye.  

Life Is Better in lemon lime

Have you ever noticed how vibrant the color lemon lime is? No matter what background you put it up against, it has a unique way of standing out. This is exactly the look you’ll achieve when you wear the bright lemon lime elastic laces. No matter your shoes, they’ll give you a great pop of color to ensure you always look your best. So go soak up some sun, stop wasting time on tying bows, and check out our other collections!

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