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Dynamic Maroon

The color maroon is associated with healing and has the power to repel negative energy.  If that doesn't describe our awesome Maroon elastic shoelaces we don't know what does!  The rich brown-red color of these laces warm up the look of your footwear and bring positivity to your step!  Never tie your shoelaces again and enjoy comfortable slip-ons with our zero-memory flex laces.

The 100% polyester fibers Xpand® uses to construct laces allows them to retain the beautifully thick maroon color.  They are also washable! Not only are you getting strikingly handsome laces, you are getting durable, quality laces but they are quite a deal!

Check out all of our AWESOME no-tie shoestrings in dozens of different colors and color combinations! The Xpand® lacing system comes with all the accessories needed to install your laces, and even create some cool designs. We even have tutorial videos on how to create these super cool designs!

Collections: Vibrant Colors, Xpand® Laces

Type: Shoelaces

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