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Add a Little Spice to Your Shoes With Elastic Pumpkin Orange Laces

Have you ever went to an event and noticed that someone’s shoes were especially easy to notice because of how great their shoelaces looked? If so, you can look just as good, too. When you’re wearing our no-tie shoelaces in pumpkin orange, your shoes will make a statement, especially during the first crisp month of fall. From the first moment you meet someone, they will be intrigued with your laces and how well they complement your shoes.

Pumpkin Orange Is the Perfect Color for Any Time of Year

No matter the time of year, pumpkin orange elastic shoelaces are sure to have you looking great from the first moment you walk into a room. Going to a party and want to impress your friends? Why not lace your best tennis shoes with shoelaces in pumpkin orange? This vibrant color will match a variety of styles, and you won’t have to worry about them coming untied.

These pumpkin orange shoelaces are sweet as pie! Orange is a very dominant color and is usually very difficult to pair. However, the deep orange of these laces allows them to mix beautifully with a great array of colors. For example, these laces would look sick on some Scout shoes by Etnies in gray/navy! All of our laces are made with 100% polyester fibers and dyed in the most vibrant and rich colors we could find. Our laces are all one-size-fits-all and kid-friendly, so grab a few pairs for the whole family. All of these details make them durable, washable, and perfect for nearly any shoes you may have.  

If you want an extra clean look or hate your laces hanging down, check out our how to install page. Keep your laces in place and get rid of any excess shoelace that you can do without!  The Xpand® Lacing System also makes it possible to do awesome lacing designs! Check out our tutorials!

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