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Sky Blue

Sky Blue No-Tie Laces Make Any Shoe Brighter!

Want to make sure every time you look at your shoes you can’t help but grin? These sky blue elastic shoelaces from Xpand® are guaranteed to make even a rainy day seem brighter! Not only is this neon color incredibly trendy, it’s always in style. Whether you’re on the court or at the skate park, you’ll be ready to get some positive attention. Install our no-tie laces and turn your favorite shoes into slip-ons and never tie again!

Sky Blue Goes With Anything!

In today’s fashion world, it doesn’t matter what color your shoes are: sky blue laces will go perfectly! In fact, it’s tough to think of a color that wouldn’t go with this bright, brilliant hue! Even if your Converse, Vans, Reebok or Nike shoes are already sky blue, there’s nothing wrong with adding even more of this bold shade. In other words, if you love sky blue, these are the right laces for you!

Cool Designs for Cool Shoes

Are you tired of lacing up your shoes in the same old way you’ve been doing since you were a kid? We have a huge video collection on our site that will give you all the how-to information you need to create awesome designs. You can even try a different design on each shoe! Why not be as imaginative as possible? You’re getting sky blue laces, so make them stand out in every way you can! Place your order today!

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Type: Shoelaces

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