Rainbow - One Size fits all




Want something really exciting? As if having Xpand® laces in your shoes wasn't exciting enough with our other striking colors, now we have rainbow elastic laces! Don't trip over your laces while you're chasing that pot of gold, use Xpand® and ditch the bows!

Our rainbow laces are perfect for anyone and everyone! One-size-fits-all means our stretchy rainbow laces can be fun for anyone, and work in both kids and adults shoes! So whether you're a toddler riding a bike with training wheels, or a triathlete biking to the finish line, add some color to your shoes with our laces! Best of all, with our rainbow laces you don't have to pick just one color!

The Xpand® lacing system comes with everything you need to add these colorful laces to your shoes, and following our installation page has never been more simple!

Whether you want your shoes to match your tie-dye shirt, or you're just having some fun with your shoes, Xpand® is convenient, comfortable, and clean! Our shoelaces are washable, and we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Place an order today!

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