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Baby Blue

Accessorize Your Shoes With Baby Blue Elastic Shoelaces

Baby blue is one of the trendiest colors around. No wonder our baby blue elastic shoelaces are one of the hottest-selling laces at Xpand®. They add a sense of pizzazz and excitement to any type of shoe, from athletic shoes and skate shoes, to everything in between. If you have pair of shoes that’s just screaming for a new look, Xpand®'s baby blue no-tie laces may be the perfect fit! Whether you're a 5-year-old just learning to tie knots, or a professional athlete, it's never to late to learn! Use our Xpand® Lacing System to go bow-less from now on. 

Create Awesome Designs With Elastic Shoelaces

Looking for a creative way to turn your shoes into an eye-catching addition to any outfit? Our baby blue no-tie shoelaces are the ideal way to set off your shoes because they allow you to turn your laces into works of art. Stretchy shoelaces give you tons of control as you twist and turn the laces into special design patterns. 

Looking for ideas for your Xpand® baby blue elastic laces? We have tons of videos right on our site to help you pick the right design for today, tomorrow and next week! 

Each pack of the Xpand® Lacing System comes with all the hardware you'll need to anchor you shoelaces in either Stealth or Visible mode, so be sure to check out our how to install page to learn how to install your elastic lacing system in a cinch.

You Won’t Find Better Baby Blue Shoelaces Than These

Our Xpand® baby blue elastic shoelaces are made using 100% premium polyester fibers. This makes them super-soft, as well as completely durable. They’ll take you from hard play on the court to relaxing on the couch and back again! Plus, if you happen to run through a mud puddle after a rainy morning, you can remove the baby blue laces, wash them, air dry them and enjoy the vibrant color!

You'll Love 'Em...

If you don't, no problem! Just reach out to us and we'll refund your purchase.

Check it out!

Add some playfulness into your life by trying a pair of our shoestrings. 

Want some more colors on the soft side? Browse through our collections to see colors from pastel purple to soft pink, just to name a couple. Feeling blue? Xpand® Laces come in a range of colors, with shades of blue from dark to royal. Buy into the new, fun way to pamper your toes!

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