Glow in the Dark - One Size fits all


Glow in the Dark

Light up the party with Glow in the Dark elastic laces

Flaunt your style, bust out some dance moves, and be seen with our zero-memory flex elastic shoelaces. Xpand® laces fit perfect every time! Just check out our how to install pages to learn how to get your custom fit installed in a snap. Easy for kids and adults, these one-size-fits-all laces are a crowd pleaser. These glow in the dark no tie shoelaces do need to be placed in light before they will glow in the dark.

Have Fun with Your Glowing Gear

Children of all ages love glowing accessories and clothes. Kids will love to show off their new slip-on shoes with glowing elastic shoelaces.

All ages love our glow-in-the-dark shoestrings. Go trick-or-treating, be illuminating on an evening bike ride, or wear them to a nighttime concert. No matter where you are, or how you choose to stand out, do it with our no-tie elastic lacing system!

No More Tripping

Don't get distracted by your dangling bows, or trip over your untied shoelaces. That's unheard of at Xpand®! Your Xpand® elastic lacing system will come with all of the accessories needed to install your fun laces. Slip on your favorite shoes and never tie again.


Try out these out-of-this-world laces risk-free! Our 100% money back guarantee takes the risk out of shopping Xpand®.

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