Gray - One Size fits all



You — and Your Shoes — Will Love Our Gray No-Tie Shoelaces    

Are you looking for some new laces to spruce up your running shoes, skate shoes, cleats, or other footwear? Our gray elastic shoelaces offer the perfect fit! Never tie again and have a custom fit shoe forever! Who knew that gray would become such a hot shoelace color? With the explosion of neutral shades, our gray stretchy laces have become really popular. Not only do they go with many shoe styles and hues, they also look amazing on Vans, Nike, Converse and other shoe brands. Besides, if you plan to spruce up your shoes with some cool designs, you can always use your gray shoelaces as a complementary color to another, stronger, shade of laces!

These Laces Are Built to Last

Tired of having to regularly replace your shoelaces because they fray and wear out? Our Xpand® gray shoelaces are made from 100% polyester fibers. They won’t wear down any time soon. In fact, they’ll stay smooth and soft through every basketball game you play, hike you take and skateboarding adventure you experience. Get ‘em a little dirty? Just toss them into the washing machine and air dry them. They’ll stay a strong shade of gray through and through!

When was the last time you tried something new?

We first launched our shoelace technology on Kickstarter. Now, you can browse all of our variety of collections on our website! Also, check out our installation section to see how easy it is to never tie again. Our zero-memory elastic allows you to adjust your tensions to conform to your feet perfectly. Ditch the bows and keep your focus laser-like on reaching your goals!

Versatile and Zero Risk

Match our gray elastic laces with your entire wardrobe. Classic and bold, this neutral color will go great with all of your shoes! Xpand® offers a 100% money back guarantee, so get shopping!

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