Xtra End Clips



Shoelace End Clips - Set of 4

Things happen. Sometimes our favorite furry friends get into our things and their teeth marks don't quite match your shoe. Sometimes we swear the underneath of our couch eats our belongings. Xpand® is ready to help you move faster! Order your shoelace accessory end clips to top off your elastic lacing system and never tie again!

Wear your shoes in Visible Mode by putting your hardware on the outside of your shoe for an athletic and easy to adjust look. Our installation pages offer simple video tutorials for you to follow! Best of all, our end clips are reusable! Clip and pinch the ends shut on the ends of your laces, and use the button to release! Let the clips hang down, or tuck them into your laces to keep them secure against your shoe. If you want to switch back to Stealth Mode, just release and re-lace your shoes however you like!

Xpand® is risk-free, just contact us if you aren't satisfied with your products. Be sure to check out our laces in vibrant, reflective, and neutral colors!

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