Neon Green - One Size fits all


Neon Green

Yup that’s right, Neon is in  

These crazy bright neon green elastic shoelaces will leave you blind.  They have the perfect appeal, with their bright, eye-catching look. You’ll be able to get the right fit and tons of compliments when you wear these neon green and black laces on the court, at the park or just hanging out with friends. Try some neon green no-tie shoelaces today — your shoes will look even better!

We spend about 150 hours in our life tying shoes. Insane, right? That’s the same as 37.5 football games, 60 basketball games, or 100 soccer games. Never tie again when you install our Xpand® lacing system! With our neon green elastic shoelaces get back your precious time and spend it doing the things you love!

Our Laces Go With Any Shoe Brand!

What’s your go-to brand? Converse? Vans? Nike? Maybe you have a closet filled with different styles from multiple brands. Regardless, your Xpand® neon green elastic laces have been constructed to fit your shoe. One-size-fits-all means these are great for any kid, athlete, or adult!

Looking for Laces That Won’t Quit? You Found Them!

How many times have your laces fallen apart, frayed or stretched out? It’s annoying — and kind of risky, too! Our neon green shoelaces are made of 100% polyester fibers. This premium-material construction keeps them looking sharp, staying smooth and lasting past quitting time! You can count on longevity from Xpand® — you can even wash and air dry them if needed! 

Ever seen laces this bright? Probably 'knot'! These are the coolest laces on the planet, period! If your looking to make a fashion statement, if you're a runner, triathlete, hiker or biker it doesn't matter, we've gotcha covered. Installing your elastic lacing system is effortless. If you want to take your shoes to the next level make sure and check out our shoelace design videos. These videos will show you step by step instructions on creating awesome shoelace patterns that will complement your neon green laces. Over 3 million video views on our YouTube channel and counting!  

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