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Neon Orange

Rock Your Shoes With Neon Orange Elastic Shoelaces

You aren’t boring, so why should you let your shoes put people to sleep? Wake up everyone who sees you with these neon orange elastic shoelaces from Xpand®! They have the intensity of color that you’re looking for, and they’re incredibly long-lasting thanks to their high-quality construction. The laces are made of the softest 100% premium polyester fibers, making them smooth, soft and bright. They’ve taken the dye well, so if you want neon, you’re definitely going to get it!

Turn Your Shoes Into Works of Eye-Catching Art!

Looking for something a little trendier than the normal way you’ve been lacing up your shoes? Check out our awesome how-to videos to help you create designs with your no-tie neon orange shoelaces. Even if you’ve never tried cool designs with your athletic shoes, skate shoes or other types of footware from makers such as Nike, New Balance, Reebok and Vans, you’ll find it easy after watching our videos! It’s a great way to make your shoes even more personalized. Plus, you can choose another neon color — or a neutral shade like white or black — for a shoelace design contrast.

Washable Neon Laces for the Whole Family

Xpand® shoelaces in neon orange are the perfect choice for anyone in the family! Kid-friendly and one-size-fits-all, these work great with any shoe. Plus, if you get yours a little dirty, it isn’t a problem. Simply throw them into the washing machine (or hand-wash them), and then allow them to completely air dry. Voila! It’s easy to keep the color strong! Installing your laces is super easy! We offer a 100% money back guarantee so try a pair risk-free today!

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