Neon Pink - One Size fits all


Neon Pink

Neon Pink Elastic Laces From Xpand®

Neon pink is becoming the go-to color for shoes and shoelaces. You won’t have any trouble getting the attention you and your shoes deserve when you wear these neon pink no-tie laces for sports, work, play, school or hanging out. Your favorite pair of shoes will become the comfiest they've ever been after you install your elastic lacing system. Never tie again and have custom fit slip-ons to wear everyday!

Our Neon Pink Elastic Laces Are Tough

Just because these shoelaces are pink doesn’t mean they are any less durable than the other Xpand® shoelaces we offer. They’re constructed from tough polyester fibers that are smooth to the touch but won’t lose their shape. You can be confident knowing they’ll work and play as hard as you do.

Get ‘Em Dirty – They’ll Clean Right Up

Your neon pink shoelaces may get a little dirty from time to time. When that happens, just wash and air-dry them. Thanks to the way they’ve been created and dyed, the color won’t fade and they’ll look as good as new.

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Type: Shoelaces

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