True Blue Reflective - One Size fits all


True Blue

The Truest, Most Reflective, Blue Laces

Looking for that perfect shade of blue? That bright, striking middle-ground blue to match your favorite pair of sneakers? Is baby blue is too light and navy blue  too dark? Then you've found your hue! Even better, Xpand® makes these true blue shoelaces reflective, so even when the sky isn't blue, you'll still be able to see your shoes.

Go Wherever

Go wherever, and your laces will follow. You'll love how easy our laces are to install and adjust. You'll love how comfortable your shoes are for every activity even better. Whether you're going skydiving, parasailing, kayaking, or paddle boarding, take your laces with you! Our elastic lacing system flaunts zero-memory flex technology and quality materials that make them washable. Our 100% money back guarantee makes shopping a breeze; check out all of our dazzling colors and our reflective colors today!

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