Lacing Designs

50/50 Lace

Angle Bar Lace

Bar Lace

Braided Bar Lace

Checkerboard Lace

Cross Lock Lace

Diamond Lace

Five Lace

Loop Lace

No Lace

Over Under Lace

Spider Web Lace

Stitch Lace

Straight Tongue Lace

Swag Lace

Triple X Lace

Zipper Lace


Lacing Your Shoes Has Never Been This Cool

Chances are, you have been lacing shoelaces for a long time. You may have even dabbled with variations on the traditional criss-cross, in-and-out theme, but you probably just stuck as close to ordinary shoe lacing methods as possible. It’s time to break free from the everyday and start learning different ways to lace shoes!

We’ve compiled a series of unique shoelace patterns and designs for you to try on your sneakers or laced shoes. This means you can easily change your shoelace designs on the fly, or pick interesting lacing patterns for shoelaces in the shoes you wear all the time. Not only does this give you the opportunity to show your personality by adopting a particular shoe lacing style, but it may also encourage you to invest in some lacing patterns of your own!

Tired of Bows? There Are Different Ways to Tie a Shoe

One way to finish off the traditional shoelace patterns that we all learned as kids was tying a bow. However, the bow is often a huge hassle, especially for people who can’t afford to keep retying shoelaces or, worse yet, keep falling over loose laces. This is where the Lace Anchors® anchoring system comes into play.

Lace Anchors® offer different ways to tie a shoelace. Rather than having the ends of the shoelaces seen, they can fit comfortably, securely and unobtrusively under the side of the shoe. Lace Anchors® work with any kind of shoelace, from flat to round to oval. Even slippery styles of round shoelaces that are notorious for coming undone are no match for Lace Anchors®.

Use Lace Anchors® to Create Fun Lacing Patterns

Your friends on the court, in the skate park or just hanging at home will be surprised when they see the variety of shoelace patterns you’re using. They may even wonder how your bowless styles are staying in place.

With Lace Anchors®, you have the ability to go beyond the bow and explore innovative designs with your shoelaces. One caution: You might become addicted to switching up your styles! You’ll likely want to get some of the coolest shoelaces you can find in hot shades, such as those available at Lace Anchors® under the Xpand® brand. Not only are they made from exceptional materials, but they’ll also last through every shoelace design you try.

Let your shoes show off your individuality in a fun way! Share your design or explore our shoelace patterns above and find the right ones for your mood, your footwear and your lifestyle. Also, be sure to check out our Wall of Fame!