Lace Anchors® 2.0

Do Lace Anchors® 2.0 work on "all" shoes?

Lace Anchors® 2.0 will work on almost every shoe out there along with almost every shoelace out there! The key is to take your time with the installation and get them installed exactly where you want them.  Once installed your shoes are going to consistently fit the same day to day!  We receive emails and pictures of our product used in all types of shoes including dress shoes, high tops, low tops, basketball shoes, soccer shoes, skate shoes etc.

Can I run with Lace Anchors® 2.0?

Absolutely!  We have athletes across the globe using our product.  We have tested with many extreme athletes with nothing but positive results.  Some of the most recent athletes to use our product would be free runners "parkour" athletes. These guys depend on their shoes and Lace Anchors® took that dependability to a whole new level!

Are Lace Anchors® 2.0 adjustable?

Lace Anchors® 2.0 are fully adjustable.  Again the key to using our product without having to make adjustments is to get it right with the installation so you don't have to make adjustments.

Do I need any special laces to use Lace Anchors® 2.0?

No, you can use the laces that come with your shoes or grab some of our new Xpand® shoelaces here from our Xpand site.  You don't need specific laces or any weird objects hanging off the top of your shoes to use our product.  Lace Anchors® 2.0 are a discreet/hidden product when in use.  

Do Lace Anchors work on kid's shoes?

Lace Anchors® 2.0 work best with sizes 2 Youth and up although they will work nearly all kids sizes.  

What are Lace Anchors® 2.0 made from?

Lace Anchors® 2.0 are made from a fiber reinforced resin.  This allows our product to have amazing strength/stiffness without snapping easily.  We have performed hundreds of test hours with a spectrum of athletes and find it nearly impossible for the Lace Anchors® 2.0 to snap or break during use.

Xpand® Lacing System

What are length of the Xpand® shoelaces?

All shoe laces have a length of 52 inches but remember you do not need to tie a bow knot which generally requires an additional 12" of lace.  This means you are actually working with 64".  Our laces will stretch over 100" when pulled on each end.  Our laces are long enough to work with high tops and boots.

Will Xpand® shoelaces fit high tops, boots, kids and toddlers shoes?

Yes! Our shoelaces are one-size-fits-all; trim to fit. For more details, visit our install instructions page.

Can I use Xpand® laces for running and sports?

We have thousands of satisfied customers that use our shoelaces for running and other sports. Depending on your sport, you may need to adjust the tension to meet your performance and comfort needs.

I own a store and would like to Stock the Xpand® Lacing System. Do you have a wholesale price list?

We'd love to work with you. Please fill out our contact form with your company details and we'll get back with you.

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