Instructions - Lace Anchors® 2.0

Installation Video

The easiest way to never tie your shoes again! 

Do you remember when you learned to tie your shoes? It’s time to relearn how to tie shoelaces the easier way with Lace Anchors®. We’ve eliminated the need for dexterity and reduced the risk of your laces constantly becoming untied by creating a proprietary anchoring system that locks your laces in place. Now, you can avoid the need to constantly tie your shoelaces, especially when you’re on the go or playing hard.

When was the last time you had to stop running on the treadmill or walking down the street because your shoe was untied? It’s a pain and it can even be dangerous — especially if you’re on the court getting ready for a lay-up.

Lace Anchors® offers a new way to tie your laces, so you won’t have to deal with all the fuss and muss of traditional tied shoelaces. Best of all, it’s so easy.

How to Use Our Lace Anchors® Lace Locks

Lace Anchors® are so easy to use that even kids can quickly lace up their shoes, put their Lace Anchors® in place, and be out the door in minutes. The steps are straightforward:

  1. Thread the end of your shoelace into a hole. Your shoelace should be going into the shoe. Pull it snugly so any length of the shoelace you don’t expect to need has been pulled all the way through.
  2. Thread the shoelace through one Lace Anchor. Take the end of your shoelace and thread it through the center hole on your Lace Anchor. Push the Lace Anchor flat against the inside of your shoelace hole.
  3. Thread the shoelace through the hole near the teeth of the Lace Anchor. You’ll notice there are teeth on your Lace Anchor, a jagged edge that resembles a saw. Every Lace Anchor has a hole that’s closest to those teeth. Push your shoelace completely through this hole.
  4. Lift the shoelace over the teeth and push it through the last hole. As you complete this important step, keep your shoelace taut. Periodically check that there isn’t any slack in the shoelace.
  5. Tuck in your shoelace (underneath the sole) or cut the ends of the shoelace. At this point, your Lace Anchor will be properly in its place. You can either keep the ends of your shoelace or snip them off. If you decide to trim your shoelaces, leave about an inch. Don’t cut them too short, in case you want to loosen them later.

At this point, you have shoes that have been effectively turned into slip-ons — which means you’ll never have to tie your shoelaces again!

Transform Your Shoelaces Into Cool Designs

Many people who use Lace Anchors® are interested in trying unique shoelace designs that don’t involve shoelace tying. We have a large library of videos, images and descriptions to help you find the right lacing design to fit your style. We also have the new Xpand® Lacing System available in a wide array of colors to suit your needs.