3-Pack Lace Anchors® 2.0


No More Bows

This is for 3 Individual Packs of Lace Anchors® 2.0's. This will include 12 Lace Anchor® 2.0's, allowing you to complete 6 shoes! No more tying knots, no more hiding the bows and no more stuffing laces inside your shoes. Best of all, you will never tie your shoes again, slip-on and go.

Why Customers Love Our Lace Anchors® Lace Locks

When we first developed our Lace Anchors® lace locks, we wanted to make sure our system was the easiest way for people to enjoy tieless shoelaces that stayed in place. Our customers tell us all the time that Lace Anchors® 2.0 help them achieve the convenience of slip-on shoes and reduce the risks associated with dangling shoelaces or the discomfort of stuffing laces inside your shoes.

Other shoelace fasteners require elastic shoelaces or other unattractive devices in order to function. Though they promise you will never tie your shoes again, they just don’t live up to that promise. Elastic shoelaces just don't offer the same fit and feel as regular shoelaces. Lace Anchors® 2.0 are made with an extremely strong fiber reinforced resin right here in the USA and attach directly to almost any style of shoelaces.

Lace Anchors®: Trustworthy Patent-Pending Technology  

Not only were Lace Anchors® designed and developed in the USA, but they also offer technology you can trust. When we say that you won’t have to tie your shoelaces again, we’re serious. Once your Lace Anchors® lace locks are firmly in place, they won’t go anywhere until you decide to try a new shoelace design, or you replace your laces with our new Xpand® lacing system.

Our patent pending product will hold your laces securely in place while remaining hidden and out of view while in use. If you’re ready to create simple, hassle free, no-tie shoes while eliminating those bow knots that come untied at the most inconvenient of times, then you're ready to get anchored!

Your Satisfaction Is Important to the Lace Anchors® Team

When we created Lace Anchors®, we made a promise that we would have the best customer service in the business. This means you have to believe in our exclusive no-tie shoe laces as much as we believe in them.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you don't love them, send em' back!

Add Excitement to Your Shoes With Xpand® Elastic Shoelaces

We not only offer Lace Anchors® lace locks so you can avoid stuffing your laces into your sneakers, but we also provide exceptional quality shoelaces from Xpand®. These elastic laces are robust and dependable, and they also come in today’s hottest colors, including neons.

See our online videos for complete instructions on installation along with some really cool shoelace pattern videos that will help set your shoes apart from everyone else's! You can finally turn your sneakers into slip-on shoes in a matter of minutes. Get out and play as hard as you like — your Lace Anchors® will keep up with you every step of the way!

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