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Neutral Shoelaces With Incredible Styling Options

Are you craving a different look for your sneakers? Many Xpand® customers are looking for shoelaces that aren’t bright or neon colored. Instead, they want neutral shades, such as browns, blacks, whites and grays, to match a variety of different outfits. At Xpand®, we have the elastic neutral shoelaces that make any footwear look amazing.

5 Reasons Neutral Shoelaces Make Sneakers Look Amazing

For a lot of people, neutrals are the only way to go when they’re adding shoelaces to their sneakers. There are five great reasons why:

1 Neutral shoelaces can be used to create designs that are unusual and eye-catching. Consider how a black-and-white checkerboard pattern could look when it comes to your sneakers! Just because they’re neutral in color doesn’t mean they’re bland in action!

2 Beige shoelaces can blend into a beige-colored sneaker, making all the footwear “come together” from a stylistic perspective. The same can be true for white shoelaces on white sneakers, black shoelaces on black sneakers, etc.

3 White shoelaces are always in style. In fact, they’re one of the “go to” types of shoelaces when it comes to basic sneaker lacing. Throw back your laces to a more traditional look that will never get old.

4 Neutral shoelaces can help put more emphasis on your shoes. For instance, if your shoes are a bright color, you may want white shoelaces or black shoelaces instead of colored shoelaces that would compete with the hue or pattern of the sneaker.

5 Neutral shoelaces can be worn with any kind of footwear style or color. You don’t have to worry about picking out a shirt that will perfectly match your shoes.

No matter why you’re in the market for neutral shoelaces, Xpand® has a broad selection to give you exactly what you’re searching for. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the quality and affordability of our neutral shoelaces selection.  And if neutral elastic shoelaces aren’t your thing, you can always check out our vibrant and reflective shoelaces.

Are you ready to make the move to a better kind of neutral shoelace than the low-quality ones that came with your sneakers? Place your order today and discover why we’re the go-to site for sneaker lovers who are serious about their shoes!


Drop your uncomfortable and stiff shoestrings. Replace them with our flexible, stylish, and comfortable elastic laces! Discover Xpand®'s neutral collection. The fast, fresh, and stretchy laces are perfect for everything from working out in the gym to working in the office. Our simple one-size-fits-all solution makes swapping out your traditional laces a no brainer. Perfect for kids and adults, try out a pair of neutral-colored Xpand® laces today! 


Want slip on hiking shoes? How about your skateboarding sneakers? Would your running experience be better with custom fit laces? Would your dress shoes be more comfortable with better laces? Xpand® can help. Watch our video tutorials on our website to easily learn how to turn all of your shoes into slip-ons with our no-tie shoelaces!

Xpand® offers our elastic shoelaces in several must-have neutral colors. Xpand® shoelaces are available in:

Black - Brown - Dark Brown - Gray - Sand - Steel - Tan - White

Each set of laces comes complete with all of the hardware you will need to install and fit your laces properly for a perfect fit. Each pair of neutral-colored laces comes with all the hardware you need to properly install and fit your laces. Lace up your shoes with Xpand® and keep moving faster.


Lacing your shoes your way has never been more simple, and we're sure you'll love how easy it is. Use our how to install page along with our video tutorials to learn how to style different designs on your laces, including bar style and traditional crossed style. You can learn how to keep your shoes perfectly laced, every single time! Go stealth, or go visible, and keep the hardware inside or outside of your shoe. Our elastic memory fit will make your shoes the comfiest they've ever been. 


No matter what's next on your agenda, we're sure you'll love our product. But if your shoelaces don't work, Xpand® guarantees 100% money back. 


Ready to change the way you tie your shoes forever? Explore our selection of neutral-colored shoelaces and be cooler, faster.