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Make Reflective Shoelaces a Fashion Statement 

The elastic shoelace has become a focal point for forward-thinking athletes and everyday men and women. Whether on the court or in the gym, custom shoelaces are all the rage — and Xpand® has different shoelace styles to turn the head of everyone you encounter.

We showcase our Xpand® shoelaces in a wide array of colors and styles. From  intense black to neon colored, we have the best types of shoelaces for your new pair of high-tops or replacement shoelaces for that beat-up pair of sneakers you just can’t toss.

Be Seen. 

Make being safe a priority. When the sun sets, grab a pair of our reflective elastic shoelaces from Xpand®. The Xpand® Lacing System makes traditional shoe-tying medieval. Our laces ensure your shoes simply slip on and off. Quick and simple, our one-size-fits all no-tie shoelaces are stylish and fit every kind of shoe, whether they are your running shoes, training shoes, or working shoes. Most of all, adding a pair of the Xpand® reflective laces helps keep you and your kids safe on runs and bike rides at night. 

Choose Colored Shoelaces That Reflect Your Personality

Who says that shoes have to be boring? With our reflective elastic laces and special anchors to keep them in place without requiring bows, your shoes can stand out in a crowd. We encourage you to look around the site at the different designs that are possible when you use our Xpand® lacing system. Many people are shocked at the variations that can be created.

They’re also pleased when they discover that, by using the Xpand® Lacing System, they never have to re-tie their laces again. A design will stay just as amazing on day 30 as it was on day one!

Change Your Shoelaces, Change Your Look

Different shoelace styles allow you to change up your outfit. Our “how to” videos throughout the Lace Anchors® site give you tons of information and instructions, so you can completely alter how your sneakers or tie-up shoes coordinate with your overall look. Mix and match different no-tie shoelace styles, or create your own signature shoelace designs – we encourage you to share them with us on social media!

Shoelaces Are Available Year-Round at Lace Anchors®

No matter what you’re looking for in customized shoelaces, Xpand® has you covered. Our site is available 24/7 and we urge you to browse at your convenience. We’re here to meet all your custom shoelace needs, and our customer service team is ready and knowledgeable to help you make the right selection. 

Radiant Shoelaces

Our shiny elastic shoelaces are discreet. Vibrant colored in the day time, and luminous after dark, our Xpand® Lacing System includes all the hardware needed to lace a pair of your shoes. Lace your shoes to fit you! Lay back and lace your shoes with a bar style on casual shoes or get ready for a 5k and opt for traditional crossed laces to keep your feet secure. Don't ever want to tie your shoes again? Want to have the perfect fit and support tailored just to you? Give our elastic memory system a try!

Xpand® elastic shoelaces come in several reflective colors. Go for a sleek, neutral look, or try out some of our bold, vibrant colors in the reflective collection!

Black - Brown - Dark Blue - Glow in the Dark - Gray - Lemon Lime - Neon Green

Neon Orange - Neon Pink - Purple - Red - Steel - Teal - True Blue - White

100% Money Back Guarantee

Xpand® makes everything easy. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, we'll give you a full refund. Give our Xpand® laces a try!