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Purchase Xpand® Elastic Shoelaces – Cool, Convenient, and Colorful!

If you’re purchasing elastic shoelaces, you’re either looking to replace those traditional laces in your sneakers and shoes you love so much with no-tie zero memory flex laces, or you’re looking for variety in your shoe wardrobe—because let’s face it, who knows what kind of mood you’ll be in next week. But whether you’re here for replacement shoelaces or you’re here for a new look, we can help you!

We’ll make sure you have the right elastic shoelaces at your fingertips to give those old sneakers a new look or brighten up your style. All our shoelaces come in stylish, eye-catching hues, from neutral shades to neon brights — and they’ll hold up no matter how much you put them through.  


The name of the game is low key, and our neutral elastic shoelace collection is a player. Check out our neutral colors to go with casual shoes, athletic shoes, and everything in between. Whether you're working or playing our elastic shoestrings will be a sleek and comfortable upgrade that you'll never want to give up. 

Available in:

Black - Brown - Dark Brown - Gray - Sand - Steel - Tan - White


Bold is better. At Xpand®, we know this. That’s why we carry a broad selection of one-size-fits-all elastic laces in a variety of exciting colors. Use our vibrant colors and see how Xpand immediately brightens your day! 

Available in:

Red - True Blue - Dark Blue - Lemon Lime - Neon Orange - Neon Pink - Neon Green

Rainbow - Glow in the Dark - Teal - Magenta - Sky Blue - Yellow - Clover - Baby Blue

Purple - Pumpkin - Pastel Purple - Maroon - Soft Pink - Navy Blue


Make every evening workout safer with our reflective no-tie shoestrings. Available in bright and neutral colors, these are the perfect shoestring choice when you want extra protection after the sun goes down. Every reflective elastic shoestring kit includes all the hardware you need and is one-size-fits-all.

Available in:

Black - Brown - Dark Blue - Glow in the Dark - Gray - Lemon Lime - Neon Green

Neon Orange - Neon Pink - Purple - Red - Steel - Teal - True Blue - White

Get the Coolest, Most Convenient Elastic Shoelaces Online at Lace Anchors®

The team at Lace Anchors® spends our life knee-deep in the world of footwear. This means we know shoelaces and our tieless shoe anchors like nobody else on the web. When you want to buy elastic shoelaces from the comfort of your living room, dorm room or locker room, Lace Anchors® is your go-to destination for buying no-tie shoelaces online. Our Xpand® shoelaces are the top of the line in quality and style.

Xpand® Elastic Laces Are Washable

Did you have a nasty spill on your bike while riding through the muddy countryside? Got drenched during a pick-up basketball game on an outdoor court? Your Xpand® elastic laces can be washed and air-dried, so they’ll continue to look as good as new! They’re made of stain-resistant materials that help you look awesome no matter what.

Shop our collections to see our wide range of colors and let your imagination run wild! Don’t forget to send us pictures of your Lace Anchors® and Xpand® products in action! 

Make Your Sneakers Pop with Shoelace Designs

As any shoelace enthusiast knows, there are tons of cool designs you can make using shoelaces. From checkerboard to crisscrossed patterns, if you can think it, you can do it.

You’ll only have to create your design once to ensure it’s going to look amazing for as long as you want.

5 Ways Xpand® Laces Help Create Footwear Design Magic

Elastic laces are the perfect choice for sneaker wearers looking to create incredible shoelace designs.

1 The shoelaces make geometric patterns possible because of their “rectangular” straight-sided structures.

 Xpand® shoelaces come in a wide variety of colors and textures, which enable users to mix and match designs.

3 The types of high-quality elastic laces sold by Xpand® are built to last. This means you’ll never have to worry about them stretching out or coming apart.

 Xpand® laces can be “twisted” to make interesting additional patterns within the basic or complex shoelace designs.

 Xpand® laces are creative and inspirational – who can resist the temptation to try something new or mix-and-match colors, lengths and textures?

Where Can I Buy Elastic Shoelaces?

We won’t lie – there are plenty of places to buy shoelaces online. Our site is particularly different and provides you with various shoelace buying advantages:

  • A passion for the shoelace market. We have tested hundreds of types of shoelaces over the years, and we only stock the best ones you need for your athletic, recreational or everyday lifestyle and pursuits.
  • Shoelaces should have the best fit. We offer our patented Lace Anchors® to help you create the best fit from the Xpand® elastic shoelaces that you purchase. Lace Anchors® help your shoes stay laced all the time without compromising your safety or the health of your foot.
  • Our Lace Anchors® have been tested by top athletes. We wanted to put our Lace Anchors® through their paces so our customers would get the greatest value for their dollar. When you buy laces from us, you’re getting the thumbs-up from some of the best sports pros on the planet!
  • Become educated on our products. We offer detailed and fun videos so you’re educated on how to use our products. From the basics of putting Lace Anchors® into your sneakers, to how to create the most interesting shoelace designs on your footwear, you’ll find it all on our website.

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Have a new pair of shoes that’s begging for an awesome set of no-tie shoelaces? Check out our full display of elastic shoelaces online. Xpand® has styles, shapes and colors that are perfect for your style. Make sure you add our site to your “favorites” page so you always have access to the most convenient, quality shoelaces for sale.