9-Pack Lace Anchors® 2.0


Never Tie Again

Our 9 Pack of Lace Anchors® is for 9 Individual Packs of Lace Anchors® 2.0's. This will include 36 Lace Anchors allowing you to complete 18 shoes! We want you to be satisfied with your purchase at Lace Anchors® that's why we offer everyone a Satisfaction Guarantee!  If you don't love what you purchased, send it back!

Lace Anchors® Lace Locks - Your Most Trusted No-Tie Shoelace System

Are you ready for something new?  Something fresh?  our no tie shoelace system is one of a kind.  Not only are Lace Anchors® 2.0 minimal by design, they are minimal by sight.  In fact, you don't see them and neither will anybody else!

Lace Anchors® 2.0 sit flat against the underside of the tops of your shoes. After you thread your shoelaces through the final hole of your sneakers or other type of shoe, you can simply adjust the Lace Anchors® according to our easy-to-follow instructions. Lace Anchors® hide your shoelaces from view, and you can either cut the extra length of shoelaces or tuck the ends securely into your shoe.

Get the Convenience of a Slip-On With No Laces

Slip-on shoes are super convenient because you can put them on and go. Unfortunately, you can’t do that easily with sneakers — bows inevitably come undone or lose their tension after being worn for a few hours. Thankfully, there’s a better answer to having to constantly tie your shoes. Turn them into slip-on shoes with no laces using Lace Anchors® lace locks.

With Lace Anchors® 2.0, you can turn your sneakers, high tops, or any other laced up shoes, into slip-ons. Just slip your feet in when you’re ready to leave and go about your day without worrying about your shoelaces untying. You don’t even have to adjust the anchors on a continuous basis. Our product will stay out of sight, unlike certain shoelace locks and fasteners, and keep your laces in place—just the way you need them. With Lace Anchors® 2.0, people can focus on the style of your shoes, not the lace locks. 

Choose Xpand® Elastic Shoelaces As Part of Your No-Tie Shoelace System

Lace Anchors® offers Xpand® elastic shoelaces for purchase on our site. These are some of the best shoelaces on the market thanks to their sturdy, reliable construction and great looks. Made of high-quality materials, Xpand® laces come in a variety of colors to fit the look you’re trying to achieve. Their stretchy material allows you to create a perfect fit that's easy to slip on.

We’re sure you’ll love Xpand® shoelaces as much as we do. The shades are vibrant, and the laces won’t stretch or fade. From white to neon green, you can find the perfect hue for your shoelaces.

Shoelace Designs to Fit Your Lifestyle

One of the benefits of using Lace Anchors® lace locks is that you can finally try some cool shoelace designs. In our video library, we reveal some of the hottest trends in lacing, including some patterns you’ve probably never seen before. If you’re someone who likes to have shoelaces that reflect your unique personality, you’ll enjoy browsing through all the possibilities. Remember that when you use Lace Anchors® 2.0 with your shoelace design, you’ll get the advantages of our no-tie shoelace system. You can be confident knowing your design will stay in place day and night!

Lace Anchors® 2.0 Are Perfect for All Ages

Kids and adults alike appreciate using Lace Anchors® 2.0. No matter what look you’re going for, or what activity you’re planning to enjoy, Lace Anchors® is the perfect partner.

So why don’t you make your life easier with a few simple steps? And if you don’t love our Lace Anchors®, then send them straight back to us. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

So if you want to make your shoe tying experience a thing of the past, then get a pair of our Lace Anchors® today—and if you’re looking to spruce up your shoe style, check out our new Xpand® lacing system. Our colorful shoelaces look good with sneakers, boots, boat shoes and all your other laced up shoes.

For instructions on how to install Lace Anchors® 2.0, please see our installation instructions.

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